Practitioner Programme Core Content
NLP Practitioner Training Programmes offered by Member Organisations of the Professional Guild are 120 contact hours over a minimum of 18 days.

The following descriptions are the Core Content of an NLP Practitioner Programme. Each Training Organisation and trainer will implement these with their own emphasis. In addition there will be other NLP content, which will vary from organisation to organisation depending on their own unique skills, attributes and experience.


The basic beliefs and assumptions that underpin success.

Well formed outcomes

The framework of questions which ensures ecological, desirable and attainable goals and objectives.

State management

The ability of an individual to monitor and have influence on their emotional responses to situations.


The ability to establish and maintain a level of relationship sufficient to achieve desired outcomes.

Sensory acuity

The ability to notice the subtle changes in behaviour that indicate internal changes in another person.


The ability to notice patterns in behaviour so that changes in intensity can be detected and interpreted.

Representational systems

The neurological mechanisms behind the five sense which indicate preferred methods of gathering and processing information.

Perceptual positions

The different perspectives from which a situation can be viewed to gain more information.

Meta model

A language model that enables the deeper structure of experience to become more apparent.

Milton model

A model of the influential language patterns used by Milton Erickson to induce an altered trance state.


The conscious use of stimulus response patterns to affect shifts in experience.


The ability to notice and adjust the inherent qualities of internal representations.


The internal sequences of behaviour that are habitually used to achieve an outcome.


The use of setting boundaries on contexts to transmit, make and alter meaning.


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