Frequently Asked Questions

We have begun to put some of the answers to questions that we are asked frequently onto this page. If you have a question about the Guild or about NLP in general that is not answered here, please contact us and we will respond directly to your question.

What are the costs involved?

For 2008, we are happy to offer our Organisational Guild membership package for an annual fee of £250. A 5% discount is offered for those paying through standing order.

Individual membership is £55 with a £5 discount for paying by standing order.

Can we join if our course uses audio tapes to make 120 hours?

No. Guild members undertake to provide a minimum of 120 hours direct training, with the likelihood that their Learners will have additional pre-course tasks and projects to complete.

Am I eligible for Individual Membership if my practitioner provider was not a member?

Yes you could, if you undertake further training with a Guild member. Your total number of training hours will be taken into account. Please contact us to find out more specific information.

How do you ensure quality standards?

Each year, our Members are required to provide evidence of how they have complied with the Code of Practice requirements. We also ask Learners, in the unlikely event that a Guild Member falls short of these requirements, to contact us directly and we will follow up the information given.

Why should we join if we are a member of INLPTA?

As you know INLPTA is a like minded organisation, concerned about maintaining standards and providing rigorous training, and places its focus on accrediting individual trainers.

As an INLPTA training provider, you are eligible for membership of the Guild, and you would gain the additional benefits of the interactive web database, plus access for your Learners to join as Individual Members, with all the benefits that that brings.



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