Action Management Consulting
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About us

Action Management Consulting (AMC) is a Canadian-Serbian Company that has a leading position in Serbia in the field of consultancy, corporate and individual development. We are established in Belgrade in 2003. We have been creating high-quality trainings based on NLP approach that provide tangible and powerful results.

Consultancy fields:
- Innovative Corporative Trainings
- Personal& Leadership Action Coaching
- Organizational Consulting
- Professional Management Recruitment

Our mission is to inspiring people to create different way of looking at the world that includes the action: action in the people themselves and action between people.

Our Practitioner Course

Days Contact: 18 | Course Duration: 7 months | Group Size: | Cost: £
Course Format:

Action NLP Business Practitioner - Release your personal potential will change your outlook on life forever, it will introduce you to a world full of new knowledge and capabilities in which you will recognize innovative strategies and identify more inspiring choices to achieve small everyday victories and big and important personal goals. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, become happier, recognize the purpose of your life and will be empowered to successfully overcome challenges and understand the different attitudes of others.

Our Master Practitioner Course

Days Contact: | Course Duration: months | Group Size: | Cost: £
Course Format:

Our Speciality Course

Days Contact: 2 | Course Duration: months | Group Size: | Cost: £
Course Format:

Professional Sales Skills and Techniques

In this training program you will be able to obtain inovative sales skills and concepts that will increase your efficiency in sales. During the period of two-day professional training you will pass through each stage of sales process in which you will practice new sales techniques in the examples from your everyday environment, overcome challenges that you encounter and develop your sales potential.




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