Reg Connolly

Areas of Expertise

Coaching, Education, Fitness and Sports, NLP Development, Personal Development, Training

About Reg

Reg Connolly is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP management and sales trainer he is a former Registered Psychotherapist with the United Kingdom Council and guest trainer with the Irish Management Institute and an RCD Accredited National High and Low Ropes course Instructor.  
He is known for his informal innovative and humorous facilitation style and for his extensive experience in applying NLP in a wide range of contexts with some thousands of people and covering such as areas as management training trainer training sales stress and anger management therapy personal and professional coaching sports psychology and team development.  
He has trained with most of its leading innovators including the co-founder Richard Bandler. He currently designs and presents trainings for the general public as well as for large and small businesses in the UK and Ireland.

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