Lisa Williams
North Somerset

Areas of Expertise

About Lisa

My own experiences have shown me that constructive, long lasting change is achievable. This has made me passionate about guiding others towards constructive and lasting changes in their lives, and in helping to improve their wellbeing.  
The pressures of modern life can get on top of us before we realise what is happening. This can lead to stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, sleep disturbance and many other difficulties.  
This can become a vicious cycle; our behaviours and negative thought patterns increase our stress levels and make the symptoms of that stress more acute, which in turn reinforces those negative behaviours and thought patterns. I use a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to work with you, to help find effective and long lasting solutions to these difficulties.

Development History

I undertook my NLP Practitioner Training with John Seymour at JSnlp.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy training was undertaken at the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training School (CPHT), an accredited centre of excellence in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and a leading UK government recognised teaching authority;




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