About the Professional Guild of NLP

The Professional Guild of NLP is an association for like-minded professional NLP Training Organisations and Individual practitioners who have been trained by them. Non commercial and not for profit, the Guild seeks to provide an interface between quality NLP training and the public at large.

Completely independent of any one school, lead trainer or mindset, its strength lies in attracting members who share the same values of integrity, skills and quality, whilst promoting the differences that make each member organisation unique.

The Guild is committed to forward thinking development, through its support of national and international initiatives. In addition, it provides a progression route for recently qualified NLP Trainers to establish their own business as a bona fide recognised NLP Training Organisation.

Through its Individual Members' Register, the Guild provides a platform for the students of its member organisations to position themselves in the public domain and within the NLP community.

The Guild’s activities are encapsulated in its website which has been designed to promote training for people who are serious about learning NLP. Its database of like-for-like Training Organisation profiles, lets the enquirer search targeted information ‘under one roof.’

The register of Individual Members enables them to promote their activities and practice as well as facilitate networking and co-operative ventures.

Background to the Guild

In the early 80’s when NLP training was being formally introduced into the UK, an NLP Practitioner Certificate meant that the holder had successfully completed a minimum of 120 hour direct training.

In recent years, a wider range of formats and methods of delivery, specifically in the area of NLP Practitioner certification, has been introduced. And at the same time, more new material has been developed to add to the possible content.

In 2003, a group of established NLP Training Providers came together with the desire to assert an independent profile. This group of Founder Members were committed to maintaining the original provision of a minimum of 120 hours of direct training, in no less than 18 days. They reason that NLP is a skill which requires supervised practice, and the more time that can be given to this learning the more effective the learning can be.

It may be more commercially attractive to offer shorter provision, or to substitute audio and video materials for direct experience. Yet Guild members value the integrity of NLP too much, to endorse such practices. Experience confirms time and again that Learners gain so much more from their extended exposure to NLP thinking, practice and development.

The original group of diverse providers, are typical of the overall Guild membership. Fiercely independent, and rightly proud of their uniqueness, these founder members united in their commitment to formulate a Code of Practice and agree Core Content as well as supporting the establishment of this website which is the Guild’s focal point.

From the original group of nine, more Training Providers have joined the membership. As significantly their NLP learners are keen to know that their certificate holds international weight and has enduring credibility.




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